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  • 12000 Square Foot Facility
  • 27 X 70 Cross Draft Paint Booth
  • Over Head Gantry’s for lifting
  • Full Rig Shop, All Required Fabrication Equipment
  • Conference Area, Comfortable Lobby and Several Offices
  • Custom Dolly’s Custom Rotisserie, Jig Organization   Storage
  • AkzoNobel Sikkens Paint Line
  • High-tech CAD System, Solid Works, Corel Software
  • Rolland Stencil Plotters
  • Devilibss & Iwata Spray Equipment
  • Infusion and Wet Laminate Vacuum Bagging


At Boat Customs, we take the stress off our clients by supply the best the industry has to offer. We communicate any foreseen issues that may not be obvious to most. Our high level of expertise and knowledge permits us to alleviate possible issues prior to many others in the industry. Communication is key to avoiding possible glitches along the way.

Once contact has been made to our facility, one can expect the following:

​Design Selection
In this process, the basic information is obtained - Make, Model, Year and general budget. Our team discusses the client's requirements and obtains detailed information to assist us in creating several customer specific renderings. A deposit will be required to obtain renderings.

​Booking / Color Selection
In this process, deposits are given to reserve shop/booth time. Start and finish dates are established by our team. Color schemes are decided on and panels are created for our clients to view prior to job commencement.

Weekly Updates / Final Delivery
Once your vessel has been delivered to Boat Customs, we promptly look over, take pictures and start the process. Our clients can expect e-mail updates containing progress pictures of the vessel. Prior to completion, our clients inspect the base coat design and colors. The vessel is then clear coated, a final check list is reviewed and our clients take delivery. Outstanding balance is collected.

~ Ingenious & Precise, that's Boat Customs.


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