Boat Customs has the capabilities and years of expertise preforming multiple custom upgrades from Customs hatches, Full wrap around dash’s, Windshield upgrades, Low water pickups, Standard structural repair, Race to Pleasure conversions.

Boat Customs uses wet laminate vacuum bagging construction technics. We have an extensive back ground in epoxy lamination and modern vacuum bagging technology. We have the ability to laminate S glass, E glass, and Carbon fiber / Graphite fiber, Kevlar / Para-aramids. Use epoxy resins and vacuum bagging technology.

We vacuum bag using

·       Airtech  ecnolease high silicone peel &ply

·       Airtech  AT-200Y sealant tape

·       Econoweave 44 Breather or Simple bubble wrap,

·       Dahlar® Release Bag 125 vacuum bag

Below is an example of a Skater transom repaired with vacuum bagging technology.

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